pivot info

Our Vision:

   Our vision is to become one of the top IT service providers in India.

Our Mission:

   To take the IT service experience to a higher level by offering better customer service and providing resplendent work environment to our young and aspiring employees. We inspire, motivate and lead our employees towards organizational goals by setting achievable targets and due caring ..


What we believe at Pivot Info Solutions ...
Pivot info solutions is a IT service provider established with an objective to take the existing IT services to even higher level. The company was founded by three young graduates with a vision to become one of the top IT service providers. we believe that better customer service is possible only with better employee satisfaction.

Pivot- A key to smart solution !
Inspired from our young and aspiring founders and leveraging upon the precise blend of our experienced and fresh talent we not only provide excellent quality of services to our clients, we also offer our employees an exciting and resplendent environment to work.  Achieving better outcome with better employee treatment is one of our core values.



I- Improve 





P- Promote (we promote best practices and refined work culture)

I-Improve (we constantly strive to improve our service quality)

V- Value (we value our customers and apply our best efforts to understand their needs) 

 O-Offer (our employee offer highest level of customer satisfaction)

 T-Trust (we completely trust and confidence in our values and beliefs)